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Who We Are

Over 20 years of  experience has enabled us to develop a system of design that addresses the many variables needed to create the most functional space 

We have developed and implemented thousands of designs that encompass a wide range of fitness facilities Including:

Multi-Family Housing Spas/Resorts Public Gyms Educational Settings
Country Clubs Cruise Ships Hospitality Hospital/Rehab Government Agencies Military Private Homes YMCA/YWCA/JCC

Custom Labeled Layouts

We can custom design layout plots with your company name, logo, and information as well as client artwork.

Why Choose us

23D Gym Design


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Company Profile

Answering all your Liability Concerns

Our design services limit our client's liability by meeting ADA compliance and follow ACSM guidelines relating to equipment space requiremenets.

Integration with Project Architects/Designers

We work directly with both our clients architects to develop electrical and audio/visual requirements including CAD call-outs and designers for interior features. 

Leading the industry in 2D and 3D gym design